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Title: Decoding the Microbiome: Navigating Complex Networks with Eagle Genomics 

Microbiomes are intricate networks of microbes that interact closely with their hosts, the surrounding environments and each other. Investigations into the microbiome have unveiled numerous scientific discoveries, impacting a wide range of sectors, from personal care to AgriTech.

Eagle Genomics is a company at the intersection of data science, microbiome research and innovative bioinformatics, delivering solutions to decode complex microbiome data, across various sectors. Our product, the e[datascientist], offers a unique solution to harnessing microbiome data by bringing network analysis and visualisation as well as capabilities to construct multilayer association networks from microbiome multi-omics data. This approach enables characterisation of network properties and dynamics, prediction of critical nodes for information propagation and/or network modulation, and comparison of networks to reveal key similarities and differences.

After introducing Eagle Genomics and our initiatives, this presentation will highlight some of our advanced network-based methodologies and address the challenges encountered.